Frequently Asked Questions

No. The key objective of the DRI is to aid business leaders with scoping the digital landscape their organisation is currently in and, as a result, formulate strategies to future proof their business model. The intent in this first year is to only publish an index sans a rating in order to establish a clear baseline for competition in subsequent years.

There will be no ranking in the first issue. Only a mapping of where you think you stand. You will also be given a baseline comparing your organisation to the industry it operates in.

No. Only overall information on companies, such as “Companies that participated in this survey” will be published in the article. The DRI Survey will highlight the Digital Readiness of Sri Lankan companies overall without naming them and break down the results into industry-wise segments as well.

The personal information is only used to verify the participant and also to contact the participant with regard to the DRI Survey if any discrepancies / errors occur. The information will not be used for any other purposes nor will it be used in the LMD article.

The information is collated and managed by the University team. The individual results of each organisation will not be published.

In this, the inaugural year, the survey is concerned with the C-Level only. It focuses on top level management and the feedback from them in assessing industry level as well as country level Digital Readiness. The C-level feedback will enable us to set a foundation on which the DRI can grow in the years to follow.

Lanka Monthly Digest (LMD) plans to publish The Digital Readiness Index of firms and their relevant industries in November 2023. It will be an annual publication to showcase where Sri Lankan companies stand regarding digital readiness every November.

The DRI is a state of readiness audit for digital transformation in organisations in Sri Lanka. It is Sri Lanka’s first endemic index aimed at creating a national baseline to drive Digital Transformation. It is envisioned that this will evolve to be as important as the LMD 100

This index is built after extensive research on global indices by the University of Kelaniya and a sound academic and practical framework developed by UOK.