From a value proposition design to a business model, we have been working on digital-first initiatives for incumbents and start-ups alike.


Brands, websites, apps, products, services. They are all interfaces that lead to an experience. That’s how we see design.

data & tech

Yes, we do have data scientists and magic is created when we combine data expertise with our creative skill, which amounts to over 80 years of combined experience across 100 brands and in every possible industry in Sri Lanka and Asia.

Our CTO loves ad-tech. We can prototype and/or build any web, mobile or platform idea.


Advertising in its current form is challenged. Communication is not. We create connected communication that marries the best of the old world with the prospects of the new.


We have access to over 4,000 creators in SL. We also have some great tie-ups in emerging technologies and platforms for story-telling and content.


We are rich - in human capital and tacit knowledge. Richer for the experience across the many failures we dealt with and the steep learning curves we traversed. There’s no point in holding on to knowledge. We like to share and will be happy to set up a fun learning experience in design, tech, communication or strategy.

iq labs

We love experimenting. Our work in ad-tech using platform technologies in AI, ML, Conversation and Distributed Ledgers is leading to some exciting new possibilities.