What would you do?

Designing the solution architecture of IT products relating to the CRM & Billing Division enabling the functional requirements relating to Products to ensure the smooth functioning of multiple systems’ business requirements including non- functional requirements which include (among others) customer relationship management, online charging systems, policy and charging rules function, rating and billing management, and driving development and QA activities as per the business and operational requirements of the Company, striving continuous improvement, etc., thereby optimizing the use of the Products and ancillary systems, while planning of the roadmap relating to the Products and ensuring timely and appropriate evolution of the System in keeping with industry standards, and carrying out custodianship of the Products technology road map.

  • Analyze past and current trends, and requirements and propose enhancement options for implementation of core Product modules as per current and future requirements.
  • Provide inputs for Product technology roadmaps carried out by the team-based analysis and R&D.
  • Implementation of product-changes .
  • Using gathered information on Products from other stakeholders (Product owners and architects), analyzing and proposing the most feasible solution in terms of return on investment, performance, reliability, etc by applying the technical expertise and business domain, and for purposes of carrying out designing of and enhancements to Products.
  • Ensure solutions meet Enterprise Architectural Landscape. (Whatever solutions have been provided by the relevant Architect should be matched to the Dialog-established Enterprise Architectural Landscape).
  • Absorb and understand the domain and technical landscape.
  • Analyze user, design, performance, and UI/UX requirements to provide deep subject matter expertise in the Product domain.
  • Providing product expertise to all delivery teams to support their Product deliverables and making sure that they are complying with the defined architecture.
  • Evaluate on new tools and frameworks and decide on appropriate tools and Frameworks for product development to enhance productivity in delivery. (E.g. Design tools, development tools, Databases, middleware).

Skills and Qualifications:

  • BSc degree in IT / Software Engineering or equivalent qualification.
  • Preferred to have a master’s in software architecture / Engineering.
  • Experience in a similar role for more than 10-14 Years.
  • Knowledge of IT solution design, Software Engineering, Software Architects, Database Designing and Engineering, technical development & deployment.
  • Experience in People management, agile way of working.
  • Experience in Cloud technologies such as AWS, GCP, or Azure services for more than 3 years.
  • Experience in applying design / architectural styles and patterns in real-world solutions.
  • Experience in containerized solutions and thorough knowledge of micro services and event-driven architectures.
  • Experience in at least 1 programing language for more than 5 years. (Prefer Exposure to both Open Source and .Net Environments).
  • Leadership, Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Self-learner with the ability to work with minimum supervision.
  • Presale Support Activities.
  • Experience in Adhering to International Standards and ieee Documentation.

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